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How to Build Citations if You Want to Hide Your Address

Not all local business owners want customers to show up at their door, but they all want customers to know about their business, and purchase their…


Best Local Citations by Country – A 2018 Update

We've expanded our resource of the top local citations by country to include the best business listings across 15 countries! All of our lists utilize the…

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Whitespark’s List of A-OK NAP Variations for Google Maps & Bing

What are acceptable address formatting variations that won’t impact my citation consistency? This is a question that our clients often ask us. While NAP (Name, Address,…


Explanation on Our Citation Ranking Methodology

A few days ago we published a list of the most important local citation sources for American, Canadian, Australian, and British businesses. The most important question…


Unravelling the Mystery of Bad NAP Data

Incorrect business information online is much more frequently encountered than correct business information online, and one of the main reasons for this is the way the…

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Why You Should Check Facebook and Foursquare Frequently for Duplicates

Duplicate listings exist because of a few different issues with business data: 1. Different sets of business information for the same business float around the web…