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How-to Handle Practitioner Listings in Google My Business (GMB) and Your Citations

Creating a Google My Business listing and citations for practitioners can get hairy if you aren’t aware of the recommended practices and guidelines for practitioner listings.…

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What Page Should You Link Your GMB Listing To?

Having a well optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing is critical for any local search strategy. When it comes to optimizing a GMB listing, many people…

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Why Local Rank Tracking is Still Valuable in 2017

Dan Leibson recently wrote a post about some weaknesses he noticed with tracking local rankings using the UULE parameter to set the location. He says: “If…


7 Easy Local Link Building Tactics You Should Be Using

Want even more link building tips? Like WAY more? Then you really need to get Paddy Moogan’s awesome Link Building Book.


Must-Have Negative Keywords for Small Business & Local Adwords Campaigns

When you’re running an Adwords campaign for a small, local-focused business, every dollar counts. You typically don’t have much to spend, so it’s critical to focus…