AROUND(#): The Newest, Old Google Search Operator

A nifty blog post about advanced link building from Viper Chill was making the rounds today and it contained a bit of a revelation for me. Not only that, it also appears to have been news to a few others:

So what’s this handy little tool that has Rand and Darren (and me) wondering why they’d never heard of it before?

It’s a Google search operator that allows you to find results for a specific string (ex. “submit article”) without being too specific, and missing out on variations that might also fit the bill.

The operator is: “term1” AROUND(#) “term2”

The term 1 and 2 are the words you want contained in your search results, and # (expressed as a number) is the distance these words can be from one another. In other words, if you want to find opportunities for article submission in a certain industry, you might try searching for something like this:

marketing “submit” AROUND(5) “article”

You’ll notice we get significantly different results for these two queries.

Another example might be “submit” AROUND(3) “business”

There are probably several neat ways to make use of this operator that will present themselves now that we know it exists. Let us know in the comments if you can think of any!


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