3 Words That Define Local SEO

Do you wish, as a local SEO’er, you could boil down just how you feel about working through a campaign with a client? I mean, words so concise, they ooze feelings that make you take action?

As a team here at Whitespark we did just that by describing local SEO and what it means to us in three words. The 3 words are meant to help you internalize and remember actions you might need to take. To help you think about your current project in a different way.

Can you run through this list and apply it step by step to your campaign specifically? No, probably not. But it might help give a little insight and catch something you might not thought of.

Have fun!

3 Words For Local SEO

Optimize title tags
Optimize contact page
Implement schema everywhere
Use alt tags
People friendly websites
Optimize mobile experience
Optimize for mobile
Optimize for humans
Build separate pages
Mark up everything
NAP in schema
Page per service
City in title
Service in title
Location specific pages
Don’t keyword spam
Use company images
Effective meta descriptions
No duplicate content
Sweat title tags

Building links for local seo

Don’t “build” links
Get local links
Use local media
Get links slowly
One a month
Hold an event
Create scholarship program
Use the BBB
Chambers of Commerce

Building Citations for Local SEO

Use data aggregators
Duplicate citations suck
Target top citations
Consistent citations everywhere
Consistent NAP everywhere
Quality over quantity
Revisit your citations
Consistent business information
Exhaust your categories
Fix your citations

Google Local Pages

Confirm business hours
Call Google “support”
No Google+ duplicates
Claim Google Listing
Optimize Google Listing
Great profile picture
Use for social
Circle other businesses
Connect to YouTube
Always use hastags

Reviews for local seo

Reviews crush competition
Respond to reviews
Diversify your reviews
Don’t ignore Yelp
Ask for reviews
Make reviews inevitable
Get Google reviews

content marketing for local seo
Showcase your expertise
Write thorough content
Write for people
Knowledge based content
Don’t forget video
Start a podcast
Update blog weekly
Snap a pic

business practices for local seo

Great isn’t cheap
Always be active
Do good business
It takes time
Follow the rules
Can’t delegate everything
Can’t pick geography
Don’t ape competitors
Take your time
Stand out somehow
Diversify traffic sources
Traditional helps search


What Are Your Three Words?

There you have it!

3 words in some of the main categories of a local search engine optimization campaign.

That was fun!

Now, here is what I want you to do. Leave YOUR three words in the comments below. Have a bunch? Leave a bunch! Have just one term that helps you along the way? Leave just that term.


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Mike has been playing with websites and local seo for almost a decade. He loves to find out the inner workings of online tools and then apply that knowledge to help LocalSpark clients achieve better rankings. When Mike is not working or spending time with his family he is aggressively game-planning the return of Glamour Shots and has complied an ebook of over 150 glamour poses (email him for more info if interested).

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