The Best Citations by Category in

Methodology for Determining Best Citations

The Best Citations by Category in were determined by running multiple search queries for local terms in hundreds of cities and combining the results to find the most frequently appearing sites within the organic results. If a site ranked well for the search terms within a specific industry or city it was considered relevant and authoritative for those terms. The “best” sites are listed based on their aggregate score which was determined by ranking position and number of occurrences in the SERPs.

Breaking Down the Results By Site Type

As you can imagine conducting multiple search queries for the most popular business categories and across hundreds of cities would result in a large variety of returned sources. While all of the sources represent citations, many are not opportunities for other businesses. This is because some of the sources are a brand websites, articles or paid advertisements on news sites, lead generation sites, and so on.

This is why we’ve organized all the results by the class that best reflects the source. The classifications for the sites are:

  • A – All Site Types
  • C – Citation
  • B – Brand
  • M – Media
  • J – Job Site
  • G – Gov/Edu/Non-profit
  • CL – Classifieds
  • V – Video
  • F – Forum
  • D – Deals/Shopping
  • E – Event Listings
  • I – Industry Association
  • W – Wiki
  • L – Leadgen
  • O – Other

What is a Citation?

Any mention of your business on the web, with or without a link. It is any combination of your company name, phone number, address (NAP) and/or zip/postal code.